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Get a 50% first deposit bonus up to $100 to play Blackjack games at City Club Casino

Dec 20, 2008

City Club Casino bonus
City Club Casino

City Club Casino only offers four different Blackjack games, but we decided to review it here because it is one of the few casinos out there that has a Blackjack-friendly bonus system, which to some people makes all the difference in the world. They also offer 100 other great games, a great Comps program, and even a VIP Elite Club. It’s the place to play!

There are just four Blackjack games to choose from at City Club Casino, which is not many. Fortunately, they are four good ones! First there is plain old Blackjack – a classic, and most people’s favorite. Next comes Blackjack Switch, a fun version of Blackjack in which the player is dealt two hands and is allowed to switch cards. Then there is Blackjack Surrender, which adds the surrender option to the classic version of the game. Finally, City Club Casino offers Pontoon, one of the best (and earliest) Blackjack-style game around.

Between these 4 games, nearly all the rule combinations are covered. It’s not a lot of variety, but for many people, it’s more than enough!

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