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NCLGS Fights Legislation on American Anti-Online Gambling Campaign

Apr 14, 2014

nclgs-140414NCLGS fights

Anti-online gambling legislation is subjected to heavy scrutiny by a number of committees, including NCLGS.

NCLGS is strongly opposing the introduction of a bill that seeks to prevent mobile betting, if passed.

US Senators Lindsay Graham and Jason Chaffetz are the main proponents behind the campaign that will see mobile betting banned, if the bill is passed.

They intend to restore the US Wire Act, which previously served to ban all forms of internet gambling, except for fantasy games and horseracing.

Should the bill become a genuine part of the law, it would mean that a previous decision in 2011 on online betting would be reversed. The decision then was advocated by Attorney General Eric Holder.

President of NCLGS and Representative of Florida, Jim Waldman, wrote a letter to the US Senate and House of Representatives indicating his opposition to the legislation.

“This legislation, proposing to amend the Wire Act to prohibit transmission of wagering information for all types of gambling activities, including Internet gambling, would effectively preempt the states’ historical ability to properly regulate gaming.”

NCLGS not alone in fight against anti-online gambling

The NCLGS joined forces with other influential committees and organizations that are all fighting against the implementation of a ban on mobile casino gambling.

The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries and the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection are among the parties involved in the opposition of the proposed bill.

In addition, National Conference of State Legislatures has also teamed up with the other groups involved.

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