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International Gambling Firm Century Casinos Expands Operations in Poland

Apr 17, 2014

century-casinos-170414Century Casinos

Poland takes center stage for international casino firm Century Casinos, as they attempt to fulfill their high ambitions.

The gambling firm adopted a competitive casino strategy by opening a new casino in their name, as they seek to fend of other possible competitors.

Although there where long discussion of where to open the new casino, they eventually decided to launch it in the historic city of Poznan.

The company operates through its Polish subsidiary called Casino Poland. The subsidiary decided to change the location of its casino license in Poznan, having previously served its clientele from the four-star hotel Andersia.

They believed that the move was necessary, as the location of the hotel did not meet their desired objectives, as it had an “unfavorable” selling point in the city.

New casino is better than the old one

The new casino is more lavish and grandiose than the previous one. It also features far more gaming services on offer to its large customer base.

There are purported to be nine gaming tables, where poker and occasional blackjack tournaments will be held, among other games. Additionally, there are also about 50 “ticket in – ticket out” slot machines.

Under the subsidiary Casino Poland, parent company Century Casinos has an impressive number of casinos under its belt in the country. The firm has a total of nine casinos that are strategically positioned in all the biggest and most populated cities.

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