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Hit and Miss: 7 of the Best and Worst Movie-Themed Mobile Slot Games

May 5, 2014

mobile-slots-1-050514Mobile slots

Movie-themed slots are all the rage in the mobile casino business. Let’s take a look at some serious hits as well as a couple misses.

The mobile casino world is chock-full of movie-themed slot games. Many of these games have been excellent, others… not so much. This piece will take a look at some examples from both groups.

The goodies:



This mobile slot from NetEntertainment has taken the iGaming world by storm in 2014. Aliens features five reels and fifteen paylines and best of all, cutting-edge 3D graphics. The creepily ominous soundtrack is also true to the horror feel of the original 1979 film.

The player is given a mission beyond the obvious goal of winning cash: survive three levels of alien attacks before killing the queen in the final round. A successful victory results in a huge bonus; you could win up to 240 times your initial bet.

This slot is heavy on Hollywood effects, and while it isn’t progressive, there are plenty of free spins and bonuses. We suggest you open your favorite Android or iOS casino app and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

The Dark Knight Rises

dark-knight-rises-slot-050514The Dark Knight Rises

This progressive mobile slot from Microgaming was a major hit in 2013 and remains popular. Featuring five reels and a staggering 243 paylines, it is no question it has been called “one of the most entertaining video slots of all time.” Sure, the progressive component gives players the chance to win a massive jackpot. But the Dark Night really hits home with breathtaking graphics and an in-game fight sequence between our hero Batman and villainous Bane, his most fearsome opponent yet.

This fantastic slot features free spins and payout multipliers unlocked by landing wild symbols, making it both exciting and player-friendly. The Dark Knight Rises can be played at Android casino Spin Palace.



This cheese-tastic 2011 slot from Cryptologic combines two distinct aspects: extremely silly graphics and features, including the female-friendly “kilt-lift” (you can imagine what that is) contrasted with surprisingly quality game play.

The slot features 5 reels and 25 paylines as well as a free spin battle feature, in which the Braveheart symbol competes against the Longshanks symbol. If more Braveheart symbols appear, the valiant Scots prevail against the vile English invaders. If that isn’t enough to get you interested, what is? Like most hot mobile slot titles, Braveheart is available at Spin Palace.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

bill-ted-excellent-slot-050514Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Enough about dark, brooding slot games. Some of us like to relax and enjoy a few laughs when we log onto our favorite online casino. This slot is tailored for beginners, featuring three reels and five paylines. The symbols are simple as well. We’ve got Bill S. Preston, Ted Theodore Logan and legendary comedian George Carlin, as well as superstars of history like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon and Genghis Khan.

The “Wyld Stallyns” logo serves as the wild symbol, and landing three phone box symbols in a row activates the Circuits of Time bonus game. This is a simple but high quality game, and anything Bill and Ted is worth the time of day.

The Mummy


Lets call a spade a spade. The Brendan Frasier adventure film franchise was high-grossing but low quality, essentially a crappy version of Indiana Jones. By contrast the mobile slot adaptation is pretty good. It features the standard five reels and twenty five paylines, as well as pretty decent graphics and ancient Egyptian symbols.

The reason that we are calling it a good slot comes from a symbol of the ever-beautiful Rachel Weisz and the game’s brilliant bonus feature. The player is given a chance to choose a path through the ancient temple, right or left. Choose correctly and you can win a massive payout. Choose wrongly and you’ll be killed by a mob of murderous mummies, ending the round. The Mummy was made by Playtech and can be played on the Bet365 mobile app.

The not-so-goodies:

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

creature-black-lagoon-050514Creature from the Black Lagoon

If you consider the 1954 cult classic Creature from the Black Lagoon to be a horror film then it hasn’t aged well. If you consider it to be a comedy film, it still has boundless entertainment value. Disappointingly, the slot adaptation is neither of those things.

It remains pretty true to the film with authentic audio clips, but the symbols are uninspiring and the features aren’t all that exciting either. One cool thing it does have is a bonus feature where the player has the opportunity to shoot the “horrifying” creature. More hits mean a higher multiplier. But we really can’t see why anyone would play this when they can play Aliens or The Dark Knight Rises.



This slot isn’t terrible, but given the general success of action film-themed slot games, we expected something better. It features the stock five reels and 25 paylines in addition to four progressive jackpots.

All of that is fine, but we wanted to see more impressive interactive features. There are symbols of Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and other characters from the classic comic and film series. However, there are no innovative bonus games or interactive action sequences, things offered in mobile casino games like Aliens and The Dark Knight Rises.

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