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US Regulator Warns Against Investment in Bitcoin

May 10, 2014

bitcoin-100514Bitcoin’s volatility

The SEC has urged investors to approach Bitcoin with caution due to its recent volatility.

The US financial regulator Security and Exchange Commission issued a lengthy warning against investing in Bitcoin, stating that it lacks “credibility and trust.” This comes a few month after the SEC announced that it would regulate the virtual currency as an asset instead of a currency, meaning that traders would have to pay the capital gains tax on transactions.

Bitcoin has come under fire due to exchange rate volatility and the bankruptcies of MtGox and Flexcoin. While it still has its supporters, iOS, Android and Windows mobile casino Vera&John recently announced that it would no longer accept deposits in the currency.

In addition, American hedge fund mogul Warren Buffet has urged investors to approach Bitcoin with caution.

Governments seek to regulate Bitcoin

Late last year the People’s Bank of China announced that it would not allow domestic companies to trade in Bitcoin, and now the SEC is looking to increase regulation on the currency.

However, the fact that all transactions are virtual and bypass the use of banks makes it difficult to governments to monitor use the currency. It is accepted by numerous mobile casinos including Bet365 and Zynga.

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