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Card Dealer found to be involved in Rigging Scheme in New Orleans Casino

Jun 18, 2014

harrasHarrah Casino

Harrah New Orleans Casino suffers from a cheating conspiracy involving own card dealer and four fellow friends posing as legitimate players.

Casino gambling news reports that card dealer worked together with four other players in efforts to cheat the New Orleans casino in excess of $32,000. Court documents state that four of the players “who appear to personally know each other and personally know Lewis” played games at the Harrah casino in New Orleans.

The authorities are currently searching for the New Orleans card dealer known as Breana Lewis, age 24. The chase has been ongoing for the past three weeks, however there are still not signs of the perpetrator.

The card dealer is missing

In addition, arrest warrants were also issued for the apprehension of the four players involved in the crime. Before they could escape the casino with cash and chips, luckily Harrah’s security team managed to stop them and make them turn in their illegal winnings.

It was expected of Lewis to show up for a scheduled meeting with the police for further inquiries about her unscrupulous casino table manners, however she did not show up. The State’s Police spokesperson, Melissa Matey, acknowledged that they “haven’t been able to locate her in the New Orleans metro area.”

Until the present time investigators have not been successful in discovering her whereabouts. The scheme took place during on the night gaming sessions of May 17 and May 22.

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