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France Welcomes Revolutionary Cat4Cash Jackpot System for the first Time

Jun 19, 2014

cat4cashj20140619Cat4Cash Jackpot

In efforts to appeal to players in France, gaming partners EGT and Tranchant Gaming Technology introduce highly popular jackpot Cat4Cash.

Euro Games technology (EGT) and Tranchant Gaming Technology came together to supply French casino with innovative gaming systems. EGT has vast experience in the field of developing a wide variety of gaming products, including titles for mobile casinos platforms.

Currently two French casinos have implemented the new system which they hope will bring them additional earnings. Casino Terrazur in Cagnes sur Mer and Casino Flamingo in Grau du Roi.

Three more casinos will receive the highly popular gaming system by the end of June. Casino de Dunkerque, Casino Seven Amneville and Casino de Pau will have the privilege to deliver the exciting new service.

Partnership looks to be a winning combination

EGT’s director of sales and marketing, Stanislav Stanev, highlighted how the partnership with Tranchant Gaming Technology gives them the necessary edge to strive in the industry.

“We are pleased with the installations and we really enjoy having such a productive partnership with Tranchant Gaming Technology. The product has already become a favorite in other countries and I am quite certain that it will have similar success in France.”

Gambling news reports that some of the main reasons why Cat4Cash has achieved instant popularity is due to high-end features of the device. The gaming machine is a four-level progressive jackpot that boasts a widescreen main monitor of 56cm and a top monitor of 81cm.

The machine also incorporates hardware that displays rising jackpot numbers and animation on a special panel. This all contributes to Cat4Cash’s overall appeal to its French customers.

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