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Blackjack Dealer From Twin River Casino With Cheating Charges

Jun 20, 2014

cuffs20140620Dealer Arrested

Blackjack dealer from North Providence is under arrest with eight charges for cheating that occurred while he was performing his duties at Twin River Casino.

According to the Rhode Island State Police, the blackjack dealer was also accused of paying twice amounts, which were larger than required. The state police Gaming Enforcement Unit performed the arrest of the dealer in question Luis J. Pabon, earlier this week

The monitoring

It all went down for him when the Rhode Island Lottery, which deals with regulating the casino, provided the gaming unit with information concerning a potential consent between a blackjack dealer and some clients. The situation definitely made a very clear point about the difference between play in casino and online.

It was reported that for the period of three months when Pabon was monitored, he was “steering” cards and offering “insurance bets” when he knew the outcome of the dealer’s hand.

He made it into the casino gambling news after he was arrested during his shift at the Lincoln Woods Barracks on the 10 casino gaming counts. Naturally, the casino security personnel gave him a permanent ejection notice.

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