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Atari Plans to Expand Business to Online and Mobile Gaming Sectors

Jun 20, 2014

atari20140620Fred Chesnais

After narrowly avoiding bankruptcy last year, Atari eyes the online and mobile gambling industry as the solution to emerge back on top.

Atari’s new chief executive, Fred Chesnais, wants to lead the company towards rejuvenated success. He intends to instill a fresh approach to Atari, a firm that crawled out of bankruptcy last year.

Chesnais also plans to make use of brand licensing to achieve his ambitious goals. The aim is to license Atari through proven gaming channels and companies that have experience with online and mobile casinos.

Despite barely maintaining the survival of the firm, the chief exec is determined to silence the critics and bring back Atari to its former gaming glory. Instead of dealing with hardware, the firm plans to focus on developing gaming software which will see them introduce new versions of the classic game titles that they boast in their portfolio.

Atari partners with other firms

Forecasts show that that the social gaming market is increasing drastically as it will comprise 164 million player on mobile casino games by 2018. Chesnais is well aware of that and intends to capitalize on the growing trend.

Atari has teamed up with two other companies that have experience in the targeted field of internet gaming. FlowPlay, a firm that created Vegas World, will help the gaming company to launch Atari Casino. While Pariplay is tasked with developing a game for the intended casino where customers will be able to play for real money.

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