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Bodog Brings New Live Dealer Blackjack Experience

Jun 27, 2014

bodogirls20140627Bodog Live Dealers

The online casino company created a new Live Dealer blackjack game and fans are invited to join the experience.

Thousands of online players are looking for the best blackjack experience out there and many find live dealer offers to be the most appealing casino games on the internet. However, there is only one problem: it’s difficult to make it available to an unlimited amount of players. Bodog claims to have found a solution to this problem with Zone21, a new online blackjack game available at the virtual casino.

There’s a big chance that fans of classic blackjack rules won’t enjoy it much, as the Zone 21 offers a completely new perspective on the popular card game. In fact, it’s such a unique game that Bodog is even applying for a patent on the product.

Live dealer revolution

As for the “purity” of the game, Bill Hu, Bodog’s Casino Product Director and creator of Zone21, said that “online blackjack players get more frustrated by not being able to play at all than by the ‘purity’ of the game itself.”

Hu added that he considers Zone21 to be the best solution for “allowing everybody, not just a select few, to play.”

Earlier this year, Bodog also launched a new high-speed version of baccarat, the most popular casino game in Asia. Similarly, blackjack is very popular in the Western world, but live dealer games have seen a slow growth due to the fact that they can only service a small number of players at one time.

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