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World Cup Betting: Mobile Sportsbooks Are the No. 1 Favorite

Jun 30, 2014

mobile20140630World Cup Betting

Experts say mobile betting profits grow significantly during major sports events, such as the World Cup in Brazil.

The fact that the 2014 World Cup has brought out the passion for placing wagers in sports fans around the world comes as no surprise. But a new trend has become more obvious during this year’s betting bonanza and that’s the fact that more and more gamblers are using mobile devices to place their World Cup wagers.

In fact, statistics recently made public by UK’s leading independent payment service group Secure Trading show that 70% of bets placed during the game between England and Costa Rica came from smart phones and tablets. And this is a very valuable piece of information that gambling operators can use to their advantage in the future.

A great opportunity for mobile casinos

Since the football event kicked off on June 12, mobile payments made via iOS and Android casinos have exploded. Secure Trading’s commercial director Jens Bader believes the mobile betting craze was triggered by heavy advertising campaigns coupled with the rise of second screening.

“These major events offer a significant mobile opportunity for operators but they must be equipped for the scenario,” Bader told reporters.

“Keeping users engaged while making the player journey a smooth one is paramount. For example, a quick and easy player identification solution and a simple sign-up process for first-time customers are essential,” he added.

The specialist recommended mobile operators to “invest in a robust and efficient payment area in order to process large surges of transactions, as well as having the responsiveness to deal with peaks in demand during important matches.”

Mobile betting: a growing trend

Several mobile sports betting platforms have confirmed that this is a rising trend and Betfuze is one of them. According to a recent report released by the company, about 65% of its customers used mobile devices – both smart phones and tablets – to place their wagers, check recent promotions and to stay up to date with the latest World Cup developments in general.

British betting operator Coral noticed the same soaring use of mobile devices. Company representatives have predicted that, by the end of the soccer tournament, players will have placed more than GBP 1 billion in wagers, with an estimated 66% of all bets coming through mobile platforms and 70% of the action flowing from in-play betting. Compared to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, figures could be up an amazing 750%.

Experts say social media also plays an important part in this year’s major soccer event. It is estimated that 70 to 75% of gamblers use social media channels while watching World Cup matches. Analysts say 45% of them are on Facebook and 35% on Twitter.

But the football craze has become visible offline too, as sports fans are watching their favorite games in pubs and bars. With people spending less time in front of the TV in their homes, tablets and smart phones come in very handy for fans who also want to place bets while watching the game.

Bitcoin betting – the alternative

Betting with bitcoins is a less popular trend, but certainly an interesting alternative to casinos that use traditional currency. While bitcoin gambling sites have been slower in catching up with the mobile trend, there are still a few mobile sportsbooks that use cryptocurrency out there, such as Cloudbet.

The good part is bitcoin addresses can be obtained free of charge. Transactions are fast and easy, without any additional fees and it’s all anonymous. Thanks to the fact that cryptocurrency is not government-controlled, users can enjoy a great deal of freedom in their day-to-day purchases. In addition, these services usually offer good odds, generous bonuses and fun promotions, but for some reason most gamblers are still not willing to risk it with bitcoins.

If you’re a passionate gambler and sports fan, now is the time to take advantage of the countless betting opportunities out there, as the following days will bring the World Cup’s most important and exciting matches. No matter which mobile betting service you go with, make sure to check the Promotions section because you’re bound to find something that will help you win big this summer.

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