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Floating Casinos Becoming Increasing Presence in India Following Recent Success

Jul 2, 2014

goacasino20140702.jpgFloating Casino

Using experience acquired from his gambling days, Indian businessman Jaydev Mody now commands a fleet of successful casino ships.

Delta Corp. operates India’s biggest floating casino, the Deltin Royale. Unlike other casino, the Deltin boasts some of the most exquisite gaming facilities, as every detail on the large vessel showcases displays of ostentatiousness. The company’s prominent seat of the chairman is occupied by Jaydev Mody, a man that also has strong links to real estate deals.

Mody does not run the demanding business entirely on his own. Deltin’s daily operations are monitored by Rajae Sarhan, who serves as the casino manager of the gambling boat. Sarhan says that before Mody assumed the distinguished position of chairman, he was a regular gambler at Advani Hotels and Resorts located in the coastal town of Goa.

Sarhan commented on his boss Mody’s smart strategies when it came to his gambling exploits. “He loved to gamble but only took measured risks.” In fact, Mody liked gambling so much that he decided to turn his passion into a real business. Six years ago he embarked on a quest to establish a name for himself in the casino industry.

Owner of several business

He initially started with Deltin Jaqk and then he expanded the business with the famous Caravela gaming ship. However the most majestic ship was hauled from North America to India which was named MV Horseshoe. Later the ship became to be known as the popular Deltin Royale, which is often present on the Mandovi River.

Jaydev Mody – gambler turned successful casino owner
Deltin Royale – one of a kind gambling ship
Deltin Daman Casino – hot gambling destination

Altogether Mody claims a fleet of three ships that constantly run casino operations across India’s waterways. In order to help facilitate the immense demand for gambling, Delta Corp. has also decided to diversify its investments to include hotels and resorts. The company currently holds three hotels that serves to provide accommodation for the gambling clients.

Mody expressed his dislike towards hotels, but also highlighted that they are an essential part of the overall service. “I hate the hotel business, but you cannot separate the two.”

In addition to owning gambling ships and hotels, he also has a great number of horses under his belt. This has roots in Mody’s earlier days when he was a regular rider at the Royal Western India Turf Club in Mumbai. Later he became a dedicated punter and eventually an owner of over 70 horses.

There’s nothing wrong with gambling

Since making the transition into the big league of gambling, Mody admits that he doesn’t gamble as much as he used to in his younger days. He does acknowledge that he knows a thing or two about blackjack, as sometimes on his travels he likes to indulge himself with a game of Pontoon which is a version of the 21 game.

When it comes to gambling Mody maintains an open mind. He is aware of the negative consequences that gambling has had on past kingdoms and families, but is still a firm believer in the positive aspects of gaming. “I don’t find gambling negative at all. Gaming is fun and I enjoy it. As long as you have control and are a responsible gambler, there is nothing wrong.”

Despite his assurances, Mody still practices a strict code of conduct. All of the casino employees are constantly vigilant for any acts of wrongdoing. They keep tabs on players that display suspicious behavior and are prone to cheaing. Delta Corp.’s managing director, Ashish Kapadia, remarked, “It is important to remember that you can never beat the house.”

New developments in the making

Delta’s most recent project is a casino-hotel in Daman, which will feature a lavish casino spread over a vast gaming floor and 176-room hotel. The company is expecting to achieve great results with the casino, so they have quickly jumped on the current momentum to expand business further.

Mody has one eye set on the far East Indian state of Sikkim, where plans for similar facilities are to be announced imminently. Once the opening of Deltin Daman Casino proves fruitful, Mody intends to go overseas to Sri Lanka where another casino is on the agenda.

Comparing his past and his current state, Mody has done pretty well for himself. More importantly, he has been able to provide incredible gaming opportunities for gambling enthusiast, while also promising to create more casinos for people to enjoy themselves in.

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