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Online and Mobile Casino Launches New “Betway Stories” Ad

Jul 10, 2014


The “Betway Stories” advertisement campaign continues with a new commercial promoting the Betway Vegas.

Online and mobile casino Betway is working with Above & Beyond to rebrand the company and has recently launched the second advert in its new “Betway Stories” campaign running on television.

The TV spot, “Teri”, is for the gambling operator’s sub-brand Betway Vegas.The sub-brand is dedicated to fans of online and mobile slot games and offers a range of titles to choose from, available on smartphones and tablets too.

The previous commercial, “Frank”, coincided with the first World Cup game and was for the company’s online and mobile sportsbook.

Teri chooses Betway Vegas

The 30-second TV spot shows a casino board’s urgent meeting, where members discuss how to beat their new competitor, Betway Vegas. But the website quickly wins them over and members are thrilled to see the product. At the end of the advert, the chairman uses a tablet to play Betway’s mobile slots games.

Agency executive David Billing told reporters: “Online gambling is now just another part of the entertainment mix, so brands need to start relating to their audiences on a human, approachable, emotional level.”

Watch the full ad here:

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