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Blackjack Insurance Bet Does not Seem to be a Safe Wager to Make

Jul 4, 2014

bjc-insurance-040714To use or not to use?

Although some blackjack players prefer to rely on their gut feelings, taking out an insurance bet that the dealer will show 21 does not look assuring.

Casino players that enjoy the game of 21 can insure their games against losses which is part of blackjack strategy. Basically, the player will set aside a special extra bet that the dealer has blackjack, which serves as a separate wager to the game. This bet can only be placed after all the initial cards have been given and if the dealer has an ace.

In order to make the insurance bet, players have to divide half of the wager. If by chance the dealer shows blackjack (21), then the insurance is paid out to the player at 2-1 odds which results in a break-even for the current hand. On the other hand, if the dealer shows anything besides blackjack, then the players losses the insurance bet.

Reasoning behind the bet

The main reason why people decide to take on the insurance bet is down to anticipation that the dealer is about to get a 10. Players that don’t look at statistics of the game but rather rely on their instincts generally like to place bets like this. They might notice that the dealer has been on a roll, and is about to get a 10 card, so they place the insurance wager.

Despite some claims that this is a smart strategy, the reasoning behind making this move is somewhat flawed. Taking insurance will put players at a disadvantage, as they are solely relying on the dealer having a hidden 10 card.

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