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Blackjack Bonanza Back At Bet365 Casino

Jul 10, 2014


A wry look at Bet365 Casino’s Blackjack Bonanza promotion that’s back this July 12th.

In celebration of this regular feature of the online blackjack landscape we thought we’d take a closer look at this little gem of alliteration that trips so pleasingly from the tongue with a nicely rhythmic cadence of syllables and an almost onomatopoeic sound to it.

This might seem a tad esoteric but with so many bonus and side bets, tournaments and competitions being run by sites all over the net that serve as an additional win opportunity for players various games they would already be playing, an insight into the minds of their creators could be interesting.

So what does a site look for when naming a promotion? Well obviously there are the usual marketing hooks that have to be appeased, and more often than not a few items on the agenda are from those lovely chaps in advertising, but generally, they look for short, snappy and memorable phrases.

In the case of Bet365 Casino they chose “Blackjack Bonanza” a combination of words that instantly conveys an entire package of connotations and associations, some historic, some not. So lets take a look at these and find out where this delightful promotion name came from.

~ The Basis Blackjack ~

Whilst most people will only ever be able to think of blackjack as being the card game where you try and get 21 at cheap blackjack tables in vegas (a attitude that doesn’t actually see them in error) there are of course a few other uses of the term that are worth taking a short look at if only because of their somewhat divergent nature. Whereas other terms tend to cluster this one positively scatters.

From a leather vessels specifically for beer back in the 16th century the term has through blackjack history had occasion to be used to denote people and organizations from bands to fighter wings, throughout history. The card game might have sapped some fame from the other uses but they still remain nevertheless, and seem unlikely to fade within the near future.

The image of a small black leather object filled with something heavy being slapped purposefully against the palm is one no gangster movie would be without, and barely a tap with this most basic of weapons has always, at least in Hollywood’s musings, been enough to render the most fit and alert of uniformed security guards completely unconscious.

But even this aside it has also been a politically correct pirate’s flag, a coloring for wine or spirits made of caramel and a Russian Soviet era bomber so advanced the massive cost of it assisted in the collapse of communism thus ending the cold war for which it was built. A varied list of uses I think you will agree, but none more famous than the casino game we all know and love.

~ Beginnings Of Bonanza ~

With origins in coarse mutterings between the most bawdy of ancient seafarers this slang contraction of two separate words, those for good and for fair weather, has long since graced the Spanish language with first the maritime association and later a mining connotation which has perhaps lasted longer. The vulgarity of its beginnings not necessarily reflecting on its use today.

The sudden acquisition of wealth from a process requiring little effort save that of discovery is one that doesn’t necessarily chime with the experience of most miners, hitting the mother lode might be the key to riches beyond one’s wildest dreams but there’s still a lot of work getting it out of the ground in the first place once you know it’s there.

This perhaps belies the overall nature of the word’s connotative atmosphere and divides it’s modern use from the more practical hands-on manner of employment. With seafaring and mining not as common as once they were this might not be surprising but for the word itself to shake of the specific for the more general is worth noting.

This use as a generic term of opportunity for the accumulation of more wealth than is currently possessed is now entirely natural and after years of popular culture pushing the imagery involved, it is entirely applicable to the use that Bet365 Casino is putting it. The Blackjack Bonanza on July 12th might be a long way from mining but you can still strike it just as rich.

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