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PokerStars Sweet Talks New Jersey Public

Sep 15, 2014

PokerStars looks set to join the strengthening competition in New Jersey

PokerStars looks set to join the strengthening competition in New Jersey










PokerStars is rumored to be in the process of finalizing an entry into the New Jersey online gambling market and held public meetings to discuss it.

The gambling industry in New Jersey seems intent on tearing itself apart as various parties and interests try to push their way to the fore in what is becoming one of the hardest fought markets for gambling anywhere in the world. Seemingly flying in the face of rational economic planning as casinos close due to bankruptcy seemingly daily in Atlantic City, elsewhere in the state businesses are pursuing support and investment for yet more gambling in what don’t appear very smart strategies.

PokerStars Holds Public Meetings

• Competition in New Jersey about to get tougher

• Online competing with physical world casinos

Mobile casino games getting more popular

The legalization of online gambling in New Jersey means that it’s not just competition from surrounding states and more distant destinations that is tightening the market and margins, with some companies taking to television to advertise their online and mobile casinos. The well publicized closures of the Atlantic Club, Showboat, Revel, Trump Plaza and possibly now the Taj Mahal too, indicate how much the market is changing in face of modern technology and an uncertain economic outlook.

PokerStars, perhaps the biggest online poker site in the world, is about to join the fray in New Jersey following its acquisition by the Amaya Gaming Group and has reached out to former VIP poker players within the state asking them to attend two events that they term “open house” discussions where members of the management team will invite feedback on any topics with which players might be concerned.

These were held at real-world venues (the Hyatt Regency and Landshark Bar and Grill) perhaps because asking for feedback on the internet tends to involve sifting through a lot of invective laden ranting by opinionated loudmouths who tend not to have any actual vested interest in the process or result. It remains to be seen what effect PokerStars entry will have on the market, but as a big player already they have the muscle to elbow their way through the crowd.

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