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How Eating a Proper Diet Can Help Your Blackjack Betting Strategy Skills

Nov 3, 2014

Eat healthy - be a winner!

Eat healthy – be a winner!










How to be successful at blackjack: Step 1) practice, practice, practice; Step 2) eat healthy, especially at the casino.

Any aspiring blackjack professional has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. Open your browser and type “blackjack tricks” or “how to win at blackjack” into Google. Literally hundreds of results will pop up, some of which are useful and the rest being useless crap written by someone who makes a living writing, not playing blackjack.

What almost all these resources have in common, however, is that they focus on blackjack training. Strategy, practice, mathematics, etc. Not many offer insights on the less tangible side of winning at blackjack, the lifestyle.

Blackjack is a cerebral game. A strong mind is necessary to winning. And eating a healthy diet – both in general and before and during a casino gambling session – is a big part of keeping the brain functioning at a high level.

That inspired us to explore the affect that diet can have on successful blackjack betting strategy. While following these tips won’t guarantee you consistent wins, they will help your game. And every bit counts when you’re trying to tip that house edge closer to zero.

~ What you should do: ~

Eat fish for good memory

Nutrition experts have long touted the health benefits of deep-water fish. But recent research on these tasty sea creatures have found them to have a more positive effect on brain function than previously thought.

Fish like salmon, sardines and herring are rich in Omega-3 acids, nutrients proven to improve short-term memory. For a card counter this is especially important. The ability to count an entire deck without missing a number can’t be overstated, and eating fish 2-4 times per week is proven to help.

Avocado keeps stress at a manageable level

I’ve seen more than a few skilled blackjack players crack under the pressure of a high stakes table and blow their bankroll making unnecessary risks. Keeping calm and collected at all times is necessary, especially when using a card counting system.

One food that helps with this is avocado. The tasty, fatty fruit promotes low blood pressure, which helps to keep stress at manageable levels and the brain healthy in general. Ask for some on your next burrito.

Drink a moderate amount of caffeine

Nutritionists are divided on whether caffeine is good or bad for the body on the whole, but most agree that a moderate amount can help you stay alert without harming brain function. And some argue that it actually makes the brain healthier.

Heavy amounts of caffeine raise blood pressure and stress levels, which lead to poor decision making at the blackjack table. But we think that a drinking a cup or two of coffee during an evening at the casino is a healthy, effective way to stay alert.

Munch on nuts and seeds while you practice and play

Finger foods like peanuts, cashews and sunflower seeds contain high levels of Vitamin-E, which is proven to support brain function and improve things like short-term memory, decision making and logical reasoning.

Nuts and seeds are healthy and tasty snacks, and they are the perfect thing to munch on while playing online blackjack at home or sitting down at the table in your nearest casino. They also won’t weigh you down with excessive amounts of calories and fat.

~ What you shouldn’t do: ~

Eating beforehand is bad for blackjack betting strategy

Most of us assume our decision making abilities to be functioning best with food in our stomachs.
A groundbreaking study by Utrecht University in the Netherlands has challenged that, however.

Scientists at the University studied the affect that hunger has on decision making in a casino setting, finding that those playing casino games on an empty stomach actually made better decisions, more often trading small short-term benefits for larger, long-term payoffs.

While the exact cause isn’t known, the conclusion is that a healthy dose of hunger will help you make prudent betting decisions and maintain your bankroll for a longer period of time.

Don’t eat heavy meals or drink alcohol while gambling

It’s difficult to avoid the temptation of going wild at the buffet, especially if you don’t visit the casino all that often. But it’s bad for your blackjack game, and not only for the reasons uncovered by the Utrecht study.

Eating a large meal heavy in meat and dairy products – let’s face it, what’s the buffet without the prime rib, buttered lobster and creamy mashed potatoes? – makes you sleepy and content, not at all the kind of attitude needed to overcome the house edge.

As for drinking alcohol, there’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks over the course of several hours at the casino. Just know where to draw the line. Getting buzzed up means making stupid decisions. And be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is bad for brain function as well.

But on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself to a fine meal and all the booze your heart desires after a successful blackjack session. You earned it!

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