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Casino Room Offers Blackjack Galore

Mar 19, 2015

Casino Room online casino

Casino Room offers players a good selection of slots and table games!

Casino Room has a massive selection of slots and table games for players using their PC or mobile devices

Casino Room offers a plethora of games made by 4 different game developers in order to keep game play exciting. This platforms HTML5 interface makes Casino Room accessible from a PC or mobile devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Windows Phone or iPad. Casino Room offers a guide to their table games including a description and rules about blackjack.

There are at least 11 types of blackjack available for players. The Classic Blackjack Gold offers a standard approach to blackjack. For a bit more steam in your game, try 21 Burn Blackjack which allows players to play 3 hands simultaneously while having a “burn” card option. Two Premier version of blackjack are featured. Premier Blackjack offers two 52-hand decks and allows 5 hands to be played at the same time.

The Land of Pirates, Pontoons and Super 7s

American and European Blackjack are standard versions. The American version differs from the fact that it includes an extra card at the start of every hand. According to blackjack strategy since the American version allows a player to see the dealer’s card before they can split or double down, there’s less of a chance to lose more than the initial bet.

Pontoon is a variation of blackjack offered at Casino Room. Unlike standard blackjack, players must hit if they have 14 or less regardless of the card amount. Players can also hit after doubling down or double down on 2, 3or 4 cards. Super 7 blackjack allows players to have a super side bet worth up to $5,000. In Pirate 2, players play 3 hands each against dealer as well as maintain a side bet. With plenty of options like these, Casino Room can be a pleasant gambling experience.

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