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Have a Memorable Easter Playing in the Black Jack Tournament at Drake Casino

Apr 2, 2015

Drake Casino promotion

Join Drake Casino for Black Jack Tournament promotion!

The lucky VIP player will win $1, 090 prize from Drake Casino’s Black Jack Tournament this Easter.

Those looking for a mighty game that truly delivers should participate in this month Drake Casino‘s Blackjack tournament. The game being featured is the VIP Multihand Blackjack. This is going to keep online enthusiasts entertained during the Easter festivities. Drake Casino offers you a very basic Blackjack strategy to improve your game when you play VIP multihand Blackjack, so you can win that
$1, 090 prize.

Try Doubling and Splitting for example. Always double hard 10s, except when the dealer has an Ace or a 10. Elevens too, but not when the dealer is showing an Ace. In case of soft 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17, double down only if the dealer has between 3 and 6. Always split 8s and Aces, and never split 10s and 5s.

Register up to 15 April, 2015 to play VIP Multihand Blackjack game

And here is another tip to play this great online blackjack tournament game, VIP Multihand Blackjack, at Drake Casino. It’s called Hitting or Standing. You should always hit on hard 11s or anything less than that. If you have a hard 12 and the dealer is showing between 4 and 6, then stand. Stand too if you have hard 13-16, and the dealer is showing between 2 and 6. Always stand on hard 17, but hit on soft 17. Lastly, stand on soft 19s. So to ace the game go for the entry tickets and rebuys for $5.00 which won’t empty your pockets.

The amount of entry chips is a maximum of $500.000 and the amount of re-buy chips is $1000.00. The maximum number of rebuys is set at 1000 with a maximum rebuy balance of $25.00. The BlackJack Tournament lasts until 15 April, 2015 at Drake Casino. You may be one of the lucky 2000 participants to be able to take part in the VIP Multihand Blackjack, so chin up and try your luck winning at blackjack.

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