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Blackjack Player Goes Crazy after Losing USD 5000

May 19, 2015

losing at blackjack

Losing is crazy…











Most blackjack players know how it feels to lose a fortune, but imagine 40,000 people watching while the disaster occurs.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, a Twitch user had a meltdown in front of 40,000 people who were watching his live broadcast. is a popular live streaming platform, specialized in gambling and online blackjack. It is a gathering place for the best and most experienced players on the planet. There are instances when the funniest breakdowns get captured by vigilant watchers, just like in the case of Chance Morris, who went viral after his misfortune.
Losing on blackjack is always a terrible experience, but it can provide extremely comical moments, at least for the audience. On Friday Morris played online blackjack that features live dealers. He placed the maximum bet of USD 5000 on his last hand, which proved to be a bad blackjack strategy. has more than 43 million viewers

Morris was at a problematic 16 after he received a jack next to his first ace and five card. The dealer drew another six, so Morris was in need of one the face blackjack cards. After the dealer drew a third six, Morris went absolutely crazy. He started swearing and throwing himself to a wall for the entertainment of 40,000 giggling viewers. is owned by and it was introduced in 2011. It focuses on gaming related events, both live and on-demand. In 2013 the site had 43 million viewers monthly and its popularity is still increasing, both in the US and Europe. In 2014 the mother company of the streaming service changed its name to Twitch Interactive, implying the success of the site.

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