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Drake Casino Offers USD 1000 on Their Blackjack Tournament

Jun 5, 2015

USD 1000 worth Blackjack Tournament is at Drake Casino

USD 1000 worth Blackjack Tournament is at Drake Casino










Drake Casino offers an amazing opportunity to test your knowledge on blackjack and become a big player.

Your blackjack skills can bring you USD 350! For only USD 5 you can enter the remarkable online blackjack tournament of Drake Casino. If you’re enthusiastic about this renowned game reserve your place around at the VIP Blackjack table until June 25th. At Drake Casino you’ll be treated like a royalty! You can engage in your favorite card game with the promise of a lavish reward.

It’s time to show off your knowledge on Blackjack! Black Jack Tournament is designed around the marvelous VIP Blackjack game, which is a popular choice within the Blackjack community. Boost your balance while engaging in this exciting version of 21.

The finest blackjack tournaments

Drake Casino is famous about their generous treatment of blackjack players. They housed many prestigious tournaments with lavish prizes and they keep up with this tradition. The blackjack catalog of this destination is astounding, and their bonuses are among the most generous. This is your chance to experience their top-notch services!

If you finish as the first you’ll get USD 350, as the second you’ll be rewarded with USD 125 and by ending up on the third place your prize will be USD 100. Even the 50th place can profit on this blackjack tournament. Just sign up to this exciting tournament and multiply your USD 5 entry fee. Claim your share from the USD 1000 at the superb Drake Casino!

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