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Counterfeit suspect arrested at Rivers Casino

Jul 11, 2015

Counterfeit suspect arrested

The counterfeit suspect was taken from Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino (Photo:

A participant at the Rivers Casino blackjack games has been put in police custody for trying to use fake USD 5 notes.

The man accused for this illegal act is Richard Ferragonio Jr. In an attempt to plead his innocence concerning the situation, Ferragonio mentioned to the authority that he may have acquired the bank notes from a pub around the area he resides in. blackjack tips report that out of the three USD 5 notes, a minimum of one USD 5 bill was considered to be counterfeit.

Additionally, the police found out that the 24-year-old counterfeit suspect had stacked a huge amount of cash below the seat of the vehicle he was being transported in. Officials discovered ten USD 5 notes with identical serial digits, which they suppose Ferragonio used in the blackjack game he played at the casino.  The suspect tried to hide them in the police car when being apprehended! Furthermore, another four USD 10 bills with similar serial numbers were discovered. The counterfeit suspect is currently on parole, which can make his sentence even worse.

Rivers Casino review their tables after counterfeit suspect

According to news from blackjack charts, security men at the Rivers Casino are working in collaboration with the police officials to continue work on the case. They are working together to continue investigations on the tables the 24-year-old has played on. The spokesman of Rivers Casino, Jack Horner, has mentioned that “officials are cooperating fully with the authorities” to review the issue.

The current assessment would also make officials know if Ferragonio had previously used counterfeit bills. The accused is currently charged with 15 counts of fraud. Reports from casino gambling news claim that an initial trial awaits the blackjack cheat on Saturday, August 18. The hearing of the counterfeit suspect is scheduled to begin at 8:00AM.

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