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False Blackjack Strategies (Part I)

Jul 23, 2015

False blackjack strategies

Pick your blackjack strategies wisely, sticking to false ones will harm your game

It’s time to clear up some common and totally wrong assumptions about blackjack gameplay. Be prepared, since it might be shocking how widespread these misbeliefs are.

As blackjack’s popularity increased the many misconceptions about the gameplay were raising in parallel. There are numerous casino anecdotes with some message and mostly without justification. If you stay with us, you can learn about these false beliefs, so in the future you’ll have more time and space to concentrate on the truly effective smart blackjack strategies. To move towards our points, it’s essential to highlight that most of these errors emerged with the appearance of blackjack teams. Keep in mind that blackjack card counting teams are wholly different species in this environment. Through the years some useful rules applicable only to them, infiltrated into the basic blackjack player’s mind where they have no basis, only generating confusion.

Books help with blackjack strategies

First of all, there’s a reason behind the countless blackjack strategy books that are getting published. This game is like sports: a lot depends on tactics. After you’ve read numerous guides and articles on card counting systems you should definitely employ them. Even if the casino rules were straitened, a good strategy can add a lot to blackjack and to your bankroll also. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that your intuitions will be right, since most of the time they won’t be. To put it simply, forget about the feel and follow the grounded methods.

Books help with blackjack strategies

Your teacher was right, there’s a lot to be learnt from books!

The charm of Blackjack is that this game is an interesting blend of chances and formulas. Obviously, the gameplay depends on the dealt blackjack cards. From time to time, you have to play with caution and keep it low-key, but there are situations when it’s almost unacceptable not to double down. There are positions when the edge is yours and you should definitely take advantage of it. ‘Doubling down situations’ are the best opportunities to win big, so set your daring self free and make it super-size.

Blaming others

There are numerous casino customs that have no logical support. The most common one is to foretell the upcoming hands based on the previous ones. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Everybody has their blackjack strategies, if it did, everybody would leave the casinos with millions in their hands. No matter hove many losses or winnings you’ve had at a table. They have no effect on the next gameplay! To have assumption is absolutely natural, but it’s completely wrong to base your game on them.

Blaming others' blackjack strategies

Now that’s just childish! Even if it was true (it isn’t) be smart about it and don’t sulk

There are countless theories about the best place at the table. These are extremely beneficial for card counting teams, but in the case of single players it does not affect anything. In this instance, every place is the same. We’ve all heard stories about players at X place ruining somebody’s chances with their own blackjack strategies, but this is also totally coincidental. Without regard to card counters, your place at the table does not define your gameplay.

Strategy of choosing insurance

Insurance in blackjack is basically a side bet. It’s available when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. In this case, the player can take insurance right before the dealer reveals his hole card. This wager is not connected to the main bet and it insures against a blackjack on the dealer’s side. Opinions vary, whether it’s profitable to live with chance or reject it. However, it is indisputable that without a precise count it is better to avoid it.

Blackjack strategies about insurance

It’s not mandatory, but can save a lot of headaches.. Like real insurance.

Players have the benefit to surrender, meaning that they can retire and save a half-bet. There are some blackjack fans who refuse to surrender, even in tragic situations. Don’t let your ego blind you! In some situations the best thing to do is to get over your loss and move on. However, to recognize such scenarios you must know your blackjack strategies by heart. Stay tuned for some more blackjack mistakes.

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