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Even More Blackjack at Pokerstars

Oct 15, 2015

blackjack at pokerstars

PokerStars hosts more blackjack games (Photo: PokerStars)


The brand-new HighHand Blackjack at PokerStars is only one addition as their expansion plan proceeds.

  • New sidebets and blackjack at Pokerstars
  • PokerStar’s expansion on the regulated markets
  • A PokerStars coupon code to try the new games

This week, PokerStars introduces new games to their casino games offering including a new blackjack variant. The famous casino and poker room has decided to expand their portfolio in order to please different types of players based at various jurisdictions. We at are glad for these news as the selection of blackjack at PokerStars is not exactly wide-ranging. From now on, players will find another blackjack type at the casino lobby of their desktop software, called HighHand Blackjack.


Mandatory Pot Bet Wager: a feature in the new type blackjack at PokerStars

According to PokerStars, HighHand Blackjack is similar to Multiplayer Blackjack but with an additional twist. There’s “a mandatory Pot Bet Wager that allows a peer-to-peer pot to be created and awarded at the completion of each hand.” It seems that PokerStars is following the trend of social gambling. Otherwise, the new HighHand Blackjack at PokerStars follows the traditional rules and characteristics of the game: six decks, soft 17, double down, splitting.

blackjack at pokerstarsGreat for blackjack too, not only for poker

PokerStars’ official page states that the approximate house edge is 0,47999%. The Pot Wager Rules were also set by them. The amount of the wager is determined by PokerStars and all players will wager the same amount. There’s a button that’ll move from the first player on the dealer’s left towards the other players. Each player is required to make the Pot Bet Wager and the collected sum will be placed at the center of the blackjack table. Finally, in order to split a pair the player has to place an additional equal pot wager.


New online blackjack side bets and a multiplayer blackjack at PokerStars Mobile


The Blackjack Pot can only be won by the player who has the highest Blackjack value hand. However, if there’s a tie or the dealer has the highest hand, the pot Blackjack pot will roll over to the next round. Besides the HighHand Blackjack at PokerStars, there are 8 other online blackjack titles to choose from. Classic Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, Double Deck Atlantic City Blackjack and Perfect Pairs are all available after downloading their free PokerStars casino software.

PokerStars also implemented two new blackjack side bet variations: Perfect Pairs and 21+3. “Perfect Pairs enables players to wager on whether their two cards will be paired, and 21+3 bets are optional wagers based upon the player’s own two cards, plus the dealer’s up-cards,” explains the poker giant’s official description. Another reason to celebrate is that PokerStars deployed their Multiplayer Blackjack on the Pokerstars mobile app. This title allows the player to play with their friends or strangers at the same mobile blackjack table.


PokerStars coupon code to try the new games with $20 free play


sam hobcraft pokerstars

Sam Hobcraft (Photo: LinkedIn)

PokerStars expansion is limited to regulated gambling markets like Italy, Spain and the UK. After the authorization from local gambling regulators, the games are available on the dot-country domains. The expansion includes other games too. Spanish players can now access Pokerstars’ slot games, which will most probably prove to be a lucrative move. “Slots are the most popular casino games on PokerStars globally, and we’re happy to now offer some of the most popular titles in the world to Spanish players,”commented Sam Hobcarft, Director of Casino at PokerStars. Also, Italian players are now allowed to engage in live roulette and live blackjack at PokerStars. Hopefully, in the future we’ll hear even more good news about blackjack at PokerStars.

If you’re about to try the HighHand Blackjack at PokerStars or their Android and iPhone blackjack type, don’t forget to claim some bonuses. As a newly registered member, you’ll get a 100% deposit match on your first deposit. If your first deposit if above $20, they’ll provide you with $20 worth of free play for the ‘FREE20’ PokerStars coupon code. Additionally, you’ll get a totally free ticket to their 100K Privilege Freerolls. Check out the restricted countries and available currencies here.

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