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Online Blackjack at Raging Bull Casino

Jan 22, 2016

raging bull casino blackjack

Great blackjack tables at Raging Bull Casino




In the following weeks the spotlight will be on online blackjack at Raging Bull Casino. If you’re a novice player join us to review the basics!

  • The basics of blackjack
  • Online blackjack at Raging Bull Casino

Raging Bull Casino is encouraging new blackjack players by sharing an easy manual for the historic casino game. To be totally honest, six is not an exhausting number of online blackjack variants. However, it’s more than enough to acquire a full picture of the game. If you’re completely new to blackjack, playing some of the basic titles will be a great introduction. Your best option is to start with classic online blackjack and work your way up to newer versions, like Blackjack Perfect Pairs.

The basics of online blackjack

Blackjack rules are easy to understand. However, some variants may have too many rules, which can be pretty confusing. Blackjack requires a 52 card deck. The card values are the following

2-10 – their stipulated value
Ace – values 1 or 11
Face Cards – all are worth 10

Obviously, a true blackjack is 21 in a hand, within the very first two cards. In such cases, the insurance will pay out 2:0, with a payout of 3:2. There’s also some blackjack jargon that needs to be memorized before playing. Stand means that you hold the cards you have. If you Hit, the dealer will give you another card. To increase the bet during the play, you have to click Double. You can also Split two matching cards into two separate hands. For even more blackjack expressions, please read our Beginners’ Guide.

Online Blackjack at Raging Bull Casino

Raging Bull Casino’s online blackjack tables have great visuals with simple layouts. Everything’s clean and sharp and there’s some background music and noise to emulate the real casino experience. However, if you prefer silence or your own playlist, you can just turn it down by a click. Register at Raging Bull Casino and start your blackjack journey now!

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