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£20,000 Blackjack Win at Grosvenor Casino

Apr 26, 2016

Have you ever heard about the Ace King Suited blackjack side bet? This is the game that produced a £20,000 blackjack win for Carol Errington at the famous Grosvenor Casino.

Huge Blackjack Win on Grosvenor Casino's Ace King Suited blackjack side bet

Huge blackjack win on Grosvenor Casino’s Ace King Suited side bet

  • Huge blackjack win at Grosvenor Casino
  • Ace King Suited side bet rules
  • Play online at Grosvenor Casino

Blackjack has so many side bet variations that it’s rather hard to keep up with them. The Ace King Suited side bet received plenty of publicity in the previous day, as it was the game that provided a £20,000 blackjack win to lucky player at Grosvenor Casino. Carol Errington was playing at the blackjack table of Grosvenor Sheffield Casino when the impressive win came.

Huge blackjack win by the Ace King Suited blackjack side bet

“It came as a huge shock, I couldn’t believe it,” Carol told UK gambling news. Carol plans to spend a part of the money to take her grandchildren on a holiday abroad. Ian Turver, Grosvenor Casino’s general manager said that “it’s always nice to have a big win in the casino as it creates a really exciting atmosphere.”

Ace King Suited Blackjack side bet rules

So how do they play the Ace King Suited side bet at Grosvenor Casino? This relatively new, progressive bet considers the player’s first two cards. If the player’s and dealer’s first two cards are suited Ace and King from the same suit, the player wins the 100% mega jackpot. But there are other jackpots too, from Major and Minor ones to £2.

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel to one of Grosvenor’s land-based casinos just play at their online casino site. Grosvenor Casino offers 7 online blackjack games: Live Blackjack, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Classic Blackjack, Hi Lo Blackjack, Blackjack Standard 5 Hand, Real Deal Vegas Blackjack, and Vegas Three Hand Blackjack. Play Live Blackjack and climb the leaderboard for your share from £1,000!

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