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Win the Online Blackjack Tournament at Drake Casino

Oct 11, 2016

An invitation for a good, high-roller online blackjack tournament was long overdue. Check out Drake Casino’s currently running tourney and join today if you like the terms!

Drake Casino Online Blackjack Tournament - High Roller

Drake Casino is the biggest name when it comes to online blackjack tournaments. Currently, they’re hosting VIP Multihand Blackjack tournament, with a $4,000 prize pool. The entry fee is not the lowest, but it’s in line with the possible winnings. Let’s see how will the $4,000 be distributed:

Rank   Win

1          $2,000

2          $1,000

3          $500

4-5       $250

All you need to know about the game featured in the online blackjack tournament

VIP Multihand Blackjack Tournament - New American Blackjack

The VIP Multihand Blackjack (New American Blackjack) is a high roller game; the bet limit was set between $25-500. It’s played with six decks, and the shoe gets shuffled after each round. Otherwise, the game follows the regular rules, so it does not take a lot of getting-used-to. If you like what you’ve just read, click here to visit Drake Casino!

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