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Win a Blackjack Cash Prize at Royal Panda Casino

Oct 17, 2016

Lucky 21 is Royal Panda Casino’s monthly live blackjack bonus event. If you score one ore more blackjacks on the 21st, you’ll be up for a £210 blackjack cash prize the next day!




Take a set at the Live Blackjack VIP table at Royal Panda Casino on the 21st of October for a chance to win a £210 blackjack cash prize. If you score at least one blackjack on the specified game, your name will be added to the prize draw. There’ll be three winners drawn on the 22nd. This promotion has no wagering requirements, all you have to do is play and score one or more blackjacks by midnight!

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How to win the Blackjack Cash Prize:

  • Play Live Blackjack VIP on the 21st
  • Score at least one blackjack before midnight
  • Three players win a £210 blackjack bonus
  • Available to all Royal Panda Casino members

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