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Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournament for the Week

Jun 6, 2017

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the most common variants of the game in online casinos so you’ve probably tried it before. Intertops Casino took the game and created and designed an online tourney around it with simple rules and a decent prize pot. Are you ready to test your blackjack tricks in the Vegas Strip Blackjack tournament?

Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournament

  • Intertops Casino’s weekly Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournaments
  • Participate after learning all the important details
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack payouts, rules, and limits

First available only in Las Vegas, Vegas Strip Blackjack has outgrown its hometown and conquered the world. Nowadays, it’s one of the easiest blackjack variants to find, especially at online and mobile casinos. Vegas Strip Blackjack rules are considered one of the most beneficial for the player. Today, we have a 6-deck, classic version to examine. In this version, the minimum bet is $2, while the maximum bet is $200. Five players can play at a time against a dealer who draws to 16 and must stand on 17. Thankfully, this game pays 3-2 and you are allowed to double on any hand, split any pair. The only downside of this Vegas Strip Blackjack variant is that you are not allowed to re-split aces.  

Time for a Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournament

You can enjoy Vegas Strip Blackjack on mobile, desktop, and download at Intertops Casino. However, you have the chance to make it even more exciting. Intertops Casino is hosting a Vegas Strip Blackjack Tournament every week. The opt-in relatively low: $3. The player with the most wins will score the whole prize pot. Even if you don’t end up on the top of the leaderboard, your ordinary winnings will still be yours. So if you don’t mind paying $3 more for the tournament experience, head over to Intertops Casino and join the currently running tournament (ends on June 6th)!

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