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Mobile Gamers, Get Ready for the T-Mobile G2!

Aug 19, 2010

T-Mobile G2 for Mobile Casinos

T-Mobile G2

Players at mobile casinos and technoweenies of all sorts have long been awaiting the T-Mobile G2 and some new news just released from the telecommunications company has people even more excited with good reason – if they can wait long enough.

Originally planned for release last month, T-Mobile yesterday hinted that the newly rechristened T-Mobile G2 with Google will be released in September – but no specific date has been set.

In terms of technical specs, we now know that the G2 will be sold as a “Google-experience device” and will run on Android 2.2. The phone will probably be using a Qualcomm MSM7230 processor, which means the clock speed will be at least 800 MHz, but some insiders believe the G2 will be launched with 1 GHz speed. The downside is a peak capacity download speed of 14.4 Mbps, though T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network supports 21 Mbps speeds, so presumably the G2 will be able to get sped up.

What does this mean to players at mobile casinos? Well, the 14.4 Mbps speed is still well quick enough to play any mobile version of blackjack variations, slots or table games with no choppiness; and with Google fandom at an all-time high plus online gambling ads now allowed, it will be nice to have the search engine infrastructure available when searching for casino-related information.

No matter what becomes of the G2, mobile casino players lining up to buy one had better hope it’s good: This model was one year in the making, after all…

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