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Busted at Blackjack Table, New Jersey Man Now Faces 26 Charges in Delaware

Aug 25, 2010

A New Jersey man arrested for cheating at a blackjack table at the Delaware Park casino soon found himself faced with 19 misdemeanor charges and seven felony charges when Delaware state police officers turned up a lot of surprising evidence.

Clifton Shaw, 31 years old, was caught at the blackjack table when he was found to be both “pinching” (surreptitiously removing chips from an established bet when a losing hand comes up) and “capping” (adding chips to an established bet on a fortuitous deal) his wagers. During the arrest, police offers found two fake New Jersey driver’s licenses and seven forged $20 bills, the latter all good for one charge of felony counterfeiting each.

Bond on Shaw was set at $33,000, which Shaw could not meet and thus was committed to the Young Correctional Institution.

Delaware Park Horse Racing & Slots was the state’s largest gambling hall even before the introduction of table gaming in mid-June saw 70-plus table games added to the game room. The casino appeared to be relatively free of cheaters or controversy and quite a bit more trouble-free than Pennsylvania game rooms, which also saw table gaming legalized recently, until this incident.

Perhaps Mr. Shaw just should have learned a little blackjack strategy instead…

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