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Brobury Sports Launches Mobile Sportsbook, Offers $20 No-Deposit Bonus

Aug 26, 2010

Brobury Sports is definitely an up-and-comer in the world of online sportsbook wagering, having seen an exponential rise in popularity over the last year or so. Now they’re seeking to expand that popularity in a whole new medium as the bookmaker has announced the launch of a mobile version of its services.

Plus just to attract lots of early buzz, Brobury Sports Mobile offers an irresistible no deposit bonus: Even if you’re a customer at the standard online bookmakers, you can score a $20 free straight bet on any sporting event of your choice. Even better, if you lose the wager, Brobury refunds the $20 to the player’s betting account.

Said Brobury Sports spokesmon James Woodly: “Our slogan is ‘Bet Fast, Bet Easy, Bet Mobile.’ That pretty much sums up the new product in addition to three [other] words: ‘Increased Customer Satisfaction.’ The best part is you get to try [Brobury Sports Mobile] for free.”

The Brobury Sports mobile version reportedly performed well with its test market, a selected bunch of extant Brobury customers, and is available for access by cell phone today. And Brobury Sports reminds that, in the runup to NFL season, they’re offering a 25% bonus on first deposit for up to $500 – in either the regular or mobile casino version of the website.

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