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Apple iOS 4.1 Mobile Game Center Goes Live

Sep 9, 2010

iPhone Game Center
iPhone Game Center

Apple just released the new iOS 4.1 upgrade for their iPhone devices, and one of the biggest changes is the the addition of the new Game Center. This mobile gaming system is now live, but it seems the games aren’t quite ready yet. At the moment the only thing available is Ms Pac-Man, which can be purchased for a hefty $4.99.

Within a few days, however, iPhone users will be able to purchase and play a wide variety of game titles, all connected to the XBOX Live system. This upgrade pushes the iPhone deep into the mobile gaming industry, making it a solid competitor for dedicated mobile gaming devices like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

One criticism already being voiced about the new Apple Game Center is that it snubs the older iPhone 3G models, leaving a lot of users out of luck if they were hoping to play FarmVille on an iPhone.

The iPhone is also making headway in another side of the mobile gaming market: online casinos. More and more internet gambling groups are experimenting with iPhone casinos and even iPad casinos. These specially-designed apps offer online games like slots, blackjack, and roulette that can be played for real money. Apple’s anti-gambling stance prevents the apps from being made available through iTunes, but the internet is filled with iPhone Casino Reviews that point iPhone users in the right direction.

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