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ShuffleMaster Has the Edge on Blackjack

Sep 10, 2010


Las Vegas company ShuffleMaster is in the blackjack business, and it’s treating them very well. The group specializes in both electronic and live blackjack tables, which they have installed in blackjack casinos across the United States and Asia.

ShuffleMaster signed several new clients this year, including racetrack casinos in New York and the Marina Bay Sands casino resort in Singapore, but their increased profits are mostly due to recent changes in gambling laws in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

ShuffleMaster formerly supplied casinos in these states with electronic blackjack tables, but new laws the casinos to upgrade to live tables. While ShuffleMaster took a hit with the loss of electronic tables in those casinos, installing live tables more than made up for it.

“The transition from electronic to a live market has been a very positive one for ShuffleMaster. The addition of live tables in these two markets has been notable accretive to our earnings, even as some e-Table seats have come out of the market,” said chief operating officer David Lopez.

Now, ShuffleMaster has their eyes on Mexico and Latin America. In Mexico, live table games are not allowed, so operators have been turning to electronic tables, including poker, roulette, and blackjack card games.

“We think Mexico and Latin America will be a good opportunity for us to place our e-Table products. Ultimately, the market size could rival that of Pennsylvania when it was an electronic-only market,” Lopez said.

CEO Timothy Parrott recently hinted that the company is also considering moving into the online blackjack casino business as well. “We are carefully putting together an Internet road plan to capitalize on our game content,” he said.

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