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Maryland Holds Out against Blackjack

Oct 7, 2010


Maryland rejects blackjack in “modern approach to gambling”

Which US states allow legalized gambling is changing. At the end of September, three days ahead of schedule, Maryland opened the state’s first casino. Governor Martin O’Malley is among those cheering this development. This shouldn’t come as a surprised since the Democrat pushed for new constitutional amendment to allow it, back in 2008, citing the need to create employment opportunities and augment the state’s income. The voters backed his proposal, expressing their desire to modernize their position on gambling.

O’Malley declines to push for full-scale casinos which would include blackjack card games and other table games. The governor said “I don’t believe that people want our state to be a casino state. I believe they approved slots at five locations in order to keep some of those Maryland dollars in Maryland, and I think it’s the right approach for Maryland.”

Former Governor Robert Ehrlich, Republican, by contrast, is willing to discuss additional games. He expressed a particular interest in reviving Prince George’s County’s Rosecroft horse-racing track. Moreover, the state Senate has already passed legislation to allow card games, which could include blackjack, at Rosecroft.

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