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Blackjack Promotion Benefits South Florida Gamblers

Oct 12, 2010

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South Florida’s Seminole Hollywood Classic is running a unique promotion to benefit blackjack fans.

Not every gambler enjoys leaving their fortune entirely to chance. Many prefer calculated risks. These players are likely to prefer blackjack, a game for which it is easy to learn blackjack strategy and to which there is a notoriously low house edge.

While the gambling industry doesn’t completely neglect blackjack players, it hardly bends over backwards to cater to them. Whereas most casino promotions are for slots and many more are for poker players, few are designed for blackjack fans.

Since August 20th, the Seminole Hollywood Classic has been making an exception which shall continue throughout this autumn. Every Monday throughout the season will be the Monday Night Blackjack Gridiron Giveaway. Players compete for the grand prize of a Super Bowl trip for two. Other winners will receive a home entertainment system and free casino play.

According to Nick Sortal’s SunSentinel Action blog, gamblers who receive a “suited blackjack”, which that is blackjack lingo for an ace and a face card (king, queen jack) of the same suit – receive draw entries. $5 and $10 players receive one entry, $15 players receive two entries, and players who stake $25 or more receive three entries.

As the bonus winners will be selected by lottery, no advanced blackjack strategy is required. Drawings take place throughout the Monday night football game, at the end of each quarter. The player drawn at the end of the first three quarters gets $250 free casino play. After the final quarter, the casino draws for the home entertainment system which includes not only the television and sound system but also a recliner.

Draw tickets which remain unselected will be kept until Jan. 3, when the grand prize will be drawn. In addition to two Super Bowl tickets, the package includes travel to Arlington, Texas where the competition will be held on Feb. 6.

Robert Dearstine, the casino’s director of marketing, describes this as “a great promotion for all table players”.

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