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Minnesota’s “Mispaying” Blackjack Dealer Busted for Fraud

Oct 19, 2010

Minnesota’s “Mispaying” Blackjack Dealer Busted for Fraud
Blackjack Fraud

Blackjack dealer, Jacob Edwin Christensen, lost more than his job when he decided to “help” his landlord’s daughter, a high school friend, and a good looking lady.

The twenty-four year old blackjack dealer may have been trying to been friendly. He may have been trying to get ahead on his rent. One thing is certain; he wasn’t doing his job properly when he made blackjack history.

At least three players won just by visiting his table. To benefit these players, sometimes Christensen paid out to losing hands and other times he failed to collect the stakes. Owing to “mispayments”, which he later confessed as intentional, he allegedly paid out over $18,500.

In August, Christensen’s high school friend didn’t need a card counting system to receive $3,875 in chips. He confessed to the police he “knew what was happening was wrong”. Therefore, he reimbursed $1,825 in chips. He also identified the two other women as beneficiaries. No word is available whether they had any contact with Christensen between high school and being granted the chips. Nor is it known whether the friend was threatened with conspiracy before becoming so cooperative.

One woman received $9,500 in chips from “Jake” since July. She knew she was collecting chips on hands she didn’t win, not only from Christensen, but additionally alleged that other dealers have also “mispaid” her. She accepted this as a dealer mistake and willingly took advantage. According to her testimony, she then lost this back to the casino. It was later revealed that she was the blackjack dealer’s landlord’s daughter.

The other woman gained $5,075. It was originally speculated that he was treated so well because of her beauty. Christensen later revealed that she worked with him in a northern Minnesota casino.

Though gambling is legal in much of the United States, providing such favors to your buddies as they play blackjack card games is not. Christensen is now being charged by the Scott County prosecutor of both gambling fraud and theft by swindle. If convicted of gambling fraud, he could serve up to 3 years in prison and pay $6,000 in fines. Worse, if he is convicted of swindling, he may be imprisoned for up to 10 years and shell out $20,000 in fines. If convicted of both, it is up to the judge whether he would serve both sentences consecutively or concurrently. He may face additional losses if the casino sues him for restitution.

No charges are being pressed – yet — against those who partook of the blackjack dealer’s generosity.

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