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Blackjack Dealers File Smoke Lawsuit against Wynn Casino

Nov 12, 2010

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Smoking lawsuit

Las Vegas casinos are among the few places left in the United States where smoking bans have very little meaning.

In spite of the fact that many casinos put up signs insisting that smoking is not allowed in their game floors, these signs are mostly for show, and many smokers choose to ignore casino etiquette and happily puff away as they gamble.

While non-smoking gamblers are able to move away from smokers, and to find places in a casino where the air is a bit fresher, dealers and other casino employees don’t have this freedom. They have to stay in one spot, putting up with smokers as they oversee craps tables or deal blackjack card games.

The croupiers at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas have had enough smoke. The lawsuit actually began in October 2009, when dealer Kanie Kastroll arguing that her exposure to second hand smoke while at work constitutes a health hazard.

A federal judge recently denied a motion on the part of Wynn Casino to have the case dismissed; Wynn’s lawyers had tried to argue that the casino has no obligation, under Nevada law, to protect their employees from the dangers of second-hand smoke. In fact, the lawsuit may now turn into a class-action suit, representing all current and former non-smoking Wynn employees.

Meanwhile, the Wynn Casino is facing another class action lawsuit from blackjack dealers who are upset with the casino’s requirement that they share their tips with casino managers.

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