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Vegas Casinos Warned About iPhone Blackjack Card Counting App

Dec 10, 2010

iPhone app banned
iPhone app banned

A new iPhone blackjack card counting app has Las Vegas casino operators on the lookout for cheaters.

Officials at a casino in California recently caught gamblers using a new iPhone blackjack app designed to help them count cards and win at blackjack. Word quickly spread to Las Vegas, prompting the Nevada Gaming Control Board to contact major Las Vegas casinos warning them about the new app.

The name of the iPhone card counting app and details about how it operates have not been released to the public for security reasons.

Counting cards in black jack at Las Vegas casinos is perfectly legal, so long as players perform the count in their head. Using a device is used to help keep track of the count, however, is a felony offense. Of course, Vegas casino operators don’t like card counters at all, and will do everything in their power to keep them at bay.

Blackjack fans are therefore advised to stay away from the new app if they find it, or at least to not try using it in a real casino. It might be good for learning how to count cards in blackjack, but using it to cheat at a casino is not recommended.

A good alternative to using an iPhone to cheat at blackjack in Las Vegas is to use an iPhone to actually play the game. There are several iPhone casinos that offer real money blackjack games designed specifically for iPhone users, letting them bring the game with them wherever they go. Note, however, that card counting in these games is impossible since the deck is shuffled after each hand.

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