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Canadian Blackjack Burglar Gets Away

Dec 11, 2010

Blackjack burglar
Blackjack burglar

Good luck turned bad for a blackjack gambler in Canada who had her winnings stolen just hours after she cashed out.

A woman from the city of Kelowna, Canada, won thousands of dollars playing casino games last weekend, only to have her winnings stolen away before she could get home.

The gambler, whose identity has not been revealed for security reasons, was knocked to the ground by a young robber just outside her home on Sunday night as she returned home from a day of gambling.

“He grabbed so hard and pushed me,” said the victim. “That is how he got away with my purse.”

The thief ran off with $6,000 in cash, then jumped into a red Volkswagen Beetle and sped off. The woman had won the money playing blackjack card games at the local Lake City Casino.

It is possible that the thief followed the woman home from the casino, knowing that she had just cashed out a large amount of chips, so police are also checking the security tapes at the blackjack casino, looking for any signs that the woman may have been followed. The thief also left behind some hair and a few footprints at the scene of the crime, which police will use to use to catch the criminal.

The victim’s husband is hoping that in the future, the casino will pay out winnings by check rather than cash, so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

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