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WDM’s Human Blackjack Game Draws Attention to Food Speculation

Dec 20, 2010

WDM’s Human Blackjack Game Draws Attention to Food Speculation
Human Blackjack

Third Sector selected the World Development Movement (WDM) human blackjack game for digital campaign of the week.

Third Sector is the United Kingdom’s foremost journal for charities, voluntary organizations, and social enterprise. The publication has over 80,000 readers. In praise of WDM, third sector declared “The subject area of the campaign is a difficult one to convey…However, WDM has taken a fun and interactive approach to drive home its message, meaning it is less complex and more engaging…”

WDM’s online blackjack has been viewed over 5000 times. Players begin the game by choosing whether to be U.S. President Obama, a city banker at Goldman Sachs, or Judith Atieno, a resident of Kenya. When selecting, the game advises the player of each character’s personal stake in a pending decision where to pass or block new European regulations to clamp down against food speculation. George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer will eventually make the decision.

Players wager play -currency using fairly standard blackjack rules. Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17, blackjack pays 3 to 2. Players start with £100 and can bet between £1 and £100. In each hand, they can only hit or stand. There are no splits or side-bets.

Wagering at the blackjack card game continues until either the player leaves the table or runs out of money. The player wins the overall game by walking away with anything over £100. When the player wins, George decides the issue in favor of the character’s personal interest, but if the player loses, George decides against that player’s interest.

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