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Blackjack Champ Launches Comprehensive Mobile Gambling Guide

Dec 30, 2010

Mobile gambling
Mobile gambling

Blackjack Champ is an internet gambling directory that was established to help blackjack players make the most of their time spent gambling online.

The site is filled with blackjack game rules and blackjack casino reviews, blackjack strategy guides, up-to-date blackjack news, and other resources that blackjack players find invaluable.

Now, Blackjack Champ has a new service to offer. The site has just expanded to include a comprehensive section on mobile casino gambling. Mobile gambling is the fastest growing sector of the global gambling industry. A recent report from Juniper Research estimated that at the current rate of growth, the mobile gambling industry will be worth $48 billion by 2015. As mobile phone technology continues to develop and smartphones become ever smarter, mobile gambling grows along with it.

There are several factors responsible for the immense popularity of mobile gambling. Gambling in general has been a prominent pastime in many cultures, so the ability for players to bring their favorite casino games along with them is a tremendous advancement. Modern mobile phones not only make gambling portable, but they also enhance the experience of playing casino games by letting players control the games with touch sensitive displays, adding a unique interactive element to the games.

The mobile casino gambling section at Blackjack Champ gives players access to essential information about the world mobile gambling, and lets gamblers browse through the information from several angles. Because mobile casino games are tied to mobile phones, and because not all mobile phones are the same, it is important for players to be able to easily find mobile casinos and mobile casino games that are compatible with their devices. At Blackjack Champ, players can find information specific to several of the most popular mobile devices, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google Android smartphones, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 devices, and Blackberry mobiles.

Blackjack Champ’s new mobile gambling offerings include comprehensive reviews of the top mobile casinos and mobile casino bonuses. The site provides information about individual mobile casino games, and overviews of the companies that produce mobile casino software. Some categories are already proving to be very popular, including sections on iPhone casinos, mobile slots, iPad gambling, mobile betting, and Android mobile gambling.

A further service offered by Blackjack Champ is their daily casino news posts, which now cover both the world of blackjack as well as the latest happenings in the mobile gambling industry. Every day new posts are created to help visitors keep up with the latest games and technology. The site’s news feed is syndicated by Google News, and is made available to millions of viewers every day.

The growth of mobile gambling shows no signs of slowing down. New mobile technology promises to bring ever faster devices, and new possibilities like 3D mobile displays are just around the corner. If there was ever a time to embrace mobile gambling, it is now; and Blackjack Champ is there to help.

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