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Sifteo Game Cube May Deliver a New Way to Play Blackjack

Jan 6, 2011

Sifteo Game Cube May Deliver a New Way to Play Blackjack
Sifteo Blackjack

Sifteo Game Cube is a novel blend of hardware and software which may create a new media for blackjack card games.

Currently the only games being offered by Sifteo for these games cubes are addictive children’s games similar to Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Howeever, in the hands of the online casinos or open source community, the Android operating system should give these devices tremendous potential to allow compelling variations on poker and blackjack card games, as well as entirely new wagering games.

Between three and six cubes, powered by Google Android, connect to a nearby computer using a wireless USB transmitter. The face of the cube is a 128×128 pixel touch screen. Each cube participates in a chosen game independently.

The highly sensitive cubes are equipped with both motion sensors and a clickable face, enabling the controlling computer to know how they are positioned or moved. Moreover, a proximity sensor enables interaction with other game cubes. The computer can even recognize how they are ordered and whether they are stacked.

A blackjack game would make an ideal development for this device as the motion sensors could detect traditional blackjack hand signals which the player can use to inform the dealer when to “hit”, “stay”, or “fold”.

Currently a pack of 3 cubes retails for $149, complete with charging station and USB transmitted. Until internet casinos decide to create software for this device, the cost makes it a gamble whether players will get their money’s worth.

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