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Apple iPhone 5 Casinos May Break Beyond Current Mobile Gambling Sites

Jan 24, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Casinos May Break Beyond Current Mobile Gambling Sites
Apple iPhone 5 Casino

When the Apple iPhone 5 is finally released, possibly as early as July 2011, online casinos will renew the quest for competitive advantage.

While details regarding the new smartphone are sporadic, one of the most speculated updates will be the processor. As technology rapidly advances, it seems inevitable that the iPhone 5 will contain a faster process and probably a multi-core processor. Now, industry insiders are starting to whisper that the iPhone 5 will include an ARM Cortex A5, the first mobile multicore processor, the smallest and lowest power processor, capable of delivering the internet and mobile casinos everywhere.

The ARM Cortex A5 would make the Apple iPhone much faster, particularly when rendering graphics, meaning iPhone game developers could make much more sophisticated and beautiful iPhone casino interfaces.

Curiously, despite Antennagate, the Apple iPhone 5 is expected to feature a similar CMDA antenna to that contained in the iPhone 4, however the newer phone will have access to 4G, which will allow fromj 100 megabytes to 1 gigabyte per second depending upon the user’s mobility. This increased bandwidth will be especially useful for mobile poker, which is growing despite Apple founder Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, because mobile poker games require much more data to be transferred than other mobile gambling applications.

Another feature seeing much conjecture is the battery: There is a reasonable hope and belief that the iPhone 5 will have a longer battery life, allowing mobile players to wager longer within iPhone casinos before needing to recharge their phone.

Other features which come up in guesswork are a larger display covered by even stronger Gorilla Glass from Cornings (meaning a larger screen which won’t break when a frustrated gambler chucks his iPhone against the wall after a devastating defeat at an mobile poker table), HDMI connectivity for connection to external monitors or televisions, and even a docking station allowing the iPhone 5 to completely replace desktop computers.

Despite all these improvements to the technology, the iPhone 5 isn’t expected to cost any more than the iPhone 4. When the Apple iPhone 5 is released, it has been anticipated parts will be outsourced from Taiwan instead of Japan, allowing the inclusion of greater technology without raising the cost to consumers. While the iPhone 4 relied on parts manufactured by Japanese companies because of patents, Taiwanese firm Epistar “recently struck a deal with Toyoda Gosei that would give it access to the Japanese company’s patents”. Other Taiwanese manufacturers such as Foxconn Electronics, Foxlink, and Gold Circuit as expected to conclude similar deals. Such deals will allow Apple to find “more cost effective” sources in the face of the rising Japanese Yen.

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