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Blackjack Loser Burglarizes Minnesota Church Parishioners

Jan 27, 2011

Blackjack Loser Burglarizes Minnesota Church Parishioners
Burglar Blackjack

Dale Eugene Jasper, a poor blackjack card game player from Edgerton, Minnesota, made a visit to a church in Pipestone County one Sunday discover to vacant houses in order to raid them.

It seems that Jasper’s ability to carry off a successful robbery scheme was as poorly conceived as his ability to formulate a winning blackjack strategy.

After leaving the church service before it was finished, an action witnessed by a Pipestone County Deputy, Jasper paid a visit to the one man’s home, hollering “Is anybody home?” as he walked in. This witness had a conversation with Jasper who subsequently drove off in a green Pontiac Bonneville. The observer then watched Jasper driving from the spectator’s own home to the house of the onlooker’s son.

The eyewitness drove after Jasper, arriving and entering his son’s home in time to see Jasper sprint out of a bedroom. Confronted, Jasper allegedly confessed that he was searching for money. Jasper then left the home and drove away. The owner of this home afterward searched his home and noticed two Thomas Jefferson $2 bills were removed from a table. This tallies with Jasper’s later confession to stealing merely $4 from one home.

After leaving that victim’s home, it is evident that Jasper made another stop. Jasper’s green Pontiac Bonneville was witnessed by a second victim’s son at a third house; the son has been doing chores across the street. While the dupe believed only $15 was absent from a discarded purse, Jasper later confessed to taking $30 from it.

According to the later confession from Jasper himself, after absconding with his pitiful prizes Jasper paid a visit to a Redwood Falls casino, only to lose all his illicit loot playing blackjack card games.

A police officer located a vehicle which matched the description of the reported green Pontiac Bonneville and followed it to his home, where Jasper was arrested. Jasper has been charged with 3 felony-level card counts of burglary. It isn’t presently known whether his abode had an internet connection: he clearly would have been better off playing free online blackjack.

Hardly a quire boy, Jasper was previously charged with burglary, as well as theft, in Nobles County during 2009; at that time, he was sentenced to just 45 days in jail and was out on probation at the time of his current misdeeds. In 2010, Jasper was also charged with 9 distinct counts of issuing bad checks in Lyon, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, and Rock counties.

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