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Blackjack Players Prefer Gambling in Pennsylvania over Atlantic City

Feb 21, 2011

Blackjack player go to Pennsylvania
Dogs and Blackjack

Atlantic City Casinos, desperate to attract blackjack players who now prefer Pennsylvania casinos, are now allowing dogs on premises to attract pet lovers.

Atlantic City casinos are trying hard to win back the hearts and minds of blackjack players, who no longer visit the crime ridden and dilapidated city. Blackjack players have defected in droves to the clean and better serviced casinos of Pennsylvania. The latest gimmick to bring in players at AC Showboat Casino Hotel is the introduction of special rooms for the man’s best friends. We are not talking about sexy casino dealers who will teach you the latests card counting system all night either.

Dogs are now allowed inside the casino. The specialty rooms are equipped with dog food, water buckets, dog treats and mats for the pooch to spend the night on. For players planning to spend some time at the blackjack card games, this new addition will only cost $40 extra per room. The idea does not sit well with a large segment of the public who dislike dogs, don’t want to hear a dog barking in an adjacent room or are allergic to dog hair.

Blackjack analyst, as well as a leading authority on blackjack rules, Steve Schwartz, commented on the desperation of Atlantic City casinos, willing to do anything within their power to entice blackjack enthusiasts – “Other promotions have not worked, so the Showboat is experimenting with the idea that blackjack players will enjoy the luxury of being allowed to bring their dogs with them on vacation” said Schwartz. The only problem with that logic is that few people go to Atlantic City on vacation since the oppresive city has some of the highest crime rates within New Jersey.

Pennsylvania casinos don’t need such drastic measures to attract customers. The PA casinos are already quite handy at luring Atlantic City gamblers to their better equipped facilities. Pennsylvania is slowly but surely is transforming into the new gaming capital of the East Coast. Atlantic City needs to remove the crowds of pimps, thieves, robbers, hustlers and violent homeless who wander the streets and accost visitors at all hours of the day or night. Its important to make the city safe for families, otherwise Atlantic City will just go to the dogs.

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