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List of Methods Gamblers Use To Cheat Online Casino Blackjack Games

Feb 28, 2011

Blackjack Cheating revealed
Cheating Methods

There are two primary methods at cheating at blackjack online casinos, and both have been used successfully by professional thieves to exploit the weakness of internet blackjack.

Generations of blackjack hustlers have been trying to cheat casinos since the days of Jesse James and Wild Bill. Some were successful, the other were hung. Cheaters used different strategies which usually involved sleight of hand, mechanical device inside the sleeve, fake shuffles, marked cards, card counting system and of course the easiest method – bribing or colluding with the casino dealer. In today’s world of mobile and online gambling, many are curious if it’s possible to cheat at an online casino, for informational purposes of course.

The answer is, yes, it is possible, and there are several methods to go about doing it. Some online blackjack cheating methods are virtually undetectable and thus nearly impossible to prevent. Blackjack bots are widely used today; their objective is to calculate the most profitable strategy to apply based on the cards dealt to the player. Bots will know what decision to make – fold, split, hit or double – to have the best chance of winning, and the bots will always make the perfect decision flawlessly. Utilizing bots will reduce casino’s edge over the player to a mere 0.5 %, which is the lowest of any game played against a traditional, mobile or online casino. Very few professional blackjack players can even come close to this number for extended period of time, while a blackjack bot can maintain a perfect level of play indefinitely.

The second, and much more complex method of cheating at online blackjack card games is to use specifically designed software which exploits the weaknesses of the so-called ‘random number generator’ which is responsible for ‘shuffling’ the deck of cards. The major flaw of every computer is their inability to generate true random numbers, thus the algorithm of each shuffle can be predicted by a program which looks for patterns within the cards dealt. As long as you put in enough data about the sequence of the cards that have been dealt, the software, will start to predict the next cards that will be dealt. This of course would give the player a nice edge over the casino and allow the cheater to make maximum bets at strategic points of the game. Such software is used extensively by today’s cheaters and can even be bought online.

Cheating is all about making money, and the fun of playing the game itself is lost. Real fun and excitement from playing online blackjack comes from being able to use different blackjack strategies, learning Blackjack rule variations and becoming a true professional, after mastering this centuries old game. By using illegal devices the player is simply a thief, no better than a burglar who robs your home. Using your brain to win is much more exciting and rewarding than being on the same level as a purse snatcher. So memorize the hand charts and you too will always make perfect decisions, just like a computer.

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