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Cantor Will Lobby Nevada To Allow Mobile Casinos On The Ides of March

Mar 1, 2011

Cantor proposed legalized mobile gambling
Mobile Gambling Nevada

Cantor, a USA mobile casino software developer, plans on lobbying Nevada politicians to legalize mobile casinos throughout the state to retain competitive advantage.

Cantor Mobile Gaming is putting a lot of thought, resources and time into lobbying Nevada Legislature for a change in Nevada State gambling laws that will allow mobile casinos to operate within the state. It’s not yet clear who would sponsor such a baill or even even if it would be allowed to be voted on.

The legalization of mobile casions within the state would have serious implications for land based casinos and the gambling industry as a whole. Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli commented “This would be a huge policy shift for the state.”

If Cantor Mobile Gaming comes through with such a proposal and lawmakers adapt it into law, perception of gambling will never be the same. Players would be able to gamble from virtually anywhere using just their mobile devices, at their own convenience. Playing mobile blackjack games while enjoying a sunny day at the lake or spinning a virtual roullete wheel while watching an opera could soon become a reality for Nevada residents.

“People want to be able to (gamble) where and when they choose,” Cantor Mobile Gaming CEO, Lee Amaitis, said. He doesn’t see any reasons as to why players cannot use the latest developments in mobile and wireless technology to play at a mobile casinos. However this move will face lots of political and legislative obstacles, not to mention opposition from land based casinos in the state.

The State of Nevada allows players to place remote bets, but limits them to Mobile sports betting. While it will not take a great effort from Cantor Gaming to apply this latest technology to casino games, it will create a potential headache for regulators, who will have to not only monitor the thousands of casinos in Nevada but mobile casinos in cyberspace as well.

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