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Casino Blackjack Gambler Bet $2.5 Million on Charlie Sheen Goddesses

Mar 1, 2011

$2.5 million on Charlie Sheen
Bet on Charlie Sheen

A humongous $2.5 million proposition bet was made between two professional blackjack players at All Slots Mobile Casino regarding the future of Charlie Sheen.

In the wake of the recent interviews with Mr. Charlie Sheen, there is one topic that so far has escaped the scrutiny of both the tabloid and the mass media. Mr. Sheen, in the past few days casually spoke with a number of tabloids, as well as main stream media, about his recent crack and whoring binges. He showed off his porn star ‘Goddesses’, his gnarly friends and every toy a multi-millionaire who is the master of his own domain can buy.

Mr. Sheen, despite looking a bit worn down, to say the least, proved that cocaine is not in his blood and that he is ready to return to work. He repeatedly said that he is ready to get back to making millions of weekly viewers of his sitcom laugh at his antics. Yet, after last week’s disparaging remarks about the show’s creator, Mr. Chuck Lorre, as well as other producers, there is only a 10% chance of the show returning. ‘Did someone say 10%? You want to put some money on that?’

It’s easy for the main stream media to throw percentages around, to add a little spice to the story, but is someone willing to put some money down, and not to just talk the talk but walk the walk? Indeed someone does.

Rumors in the online gambling world are circulating of a huge multi-million dollar proposition bet which took place while both gentlemen were playing mobile blackjack at All Slots Mobile Casino simultaneously messaging each other. It is the policy of, a reputable news source in the international gaming industry, to avoid publishing gossip. When multiple sources verified that a multi-million dollar proposition bet took place between the individuals who consider a $5,000 blackjack table to be low limit, rumors become newsworthy.

Such a bet was made about …let’s just say… the future behavior of Mr. Charlie Sheen, for an astonishing amount of $2.5 million dollars. The complete details have not been fully revealed, but people in the know state that – ‘it’s a multi-part bet made during chat at a mobile casino. Mr. Sheen must reach three separate milestones, each within a certain time frame,’ for the bet to be won. With the caliber of the people involved, this is a serious matter, as solid as a written contract.

A proposition bet, is a wager between gamblers on the outcome of a certain event with odds involved. In high limit rooms in major casinos it is common to hear … ‘I bet you $25,000 that you can’t eat 5 eggs in 20 seconds’, or ‘I bet you $10,000 that you can’t eat this pepper without your eyes watering.’ It is this type of a monster bet that was placed on Mr. Sheen’s future behavior over online blackjack. More news to follow shortly.

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