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Billionth Blackjack Hand Was a Winner at Bodog Online Casino

Mar 7, 2011

Bodog dealt 1 billion blackjack hands
Bodog Billion

Bodog Online Casino broke industry records by becoming the first online casino which dealt 1 billion hands of blackjack.

Bodog Online Casino has finally made it into the record books by dealing hand number 1,000,000,000 at one of their online blackjack tables. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the casino itself as well as the overall online casino industry. Being the first online casino to reach such an important milestone is trully something to be proud off.

If only this news rings loudly in the ears of those whose dream is to stifle and destroy all forms of casino, online and mobile gambling. Let’s all hope it will make even a few prohibitionists realize that they are fighting a war that they can’t possibly win. But hope is for suckers and action is for winners.

And there sure was a lot of action on Friday, March 4 at 7:17PM GMT Time when a lucky player at was dealt the billionth hand of online blackjack. The fortunate winner will now have to make a tough choice: whether to accept a trip to the exclusive Turtle Island or a trip to Monaco to watch the Grand Prix trackside aboard a private boat.

This reporter would strongly recommend the Turtle Island Billionare vacation along with a lovely lady (or handsome man). You can always bet on the Grand Prix via your favorite mobile sportsbook from the private island while sipping a fruit drink and enjoying life.

Mr. Mark Leighton, the Casino Manager of explained the significance of the news – ‘There are several gaming sites who have dealt a billion poker hands, Bodog included, but to have dealt a billion blackjack card games hands is a very special milestone…’ Indeed it was. We at are proud of Bodog Online Casino, and sincerely wish them the best of luck in keeping the proud tradition of blackjack alive for many years to come.

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